Chapel of San Lorenzo in the Holy Stairs Opens with Special Presentation on June 11, 2015

As our Patrons know, the restoration of the Sanctuary of the Holy Stairs is one of our major projects. After a major preliminary study and completion of the first phase (The Chapel of San Silvestro) supported by the Getty Foundation 2000-2006, work has continued thanks to the Patrons of the Arts Office and the Vatican Museums Department of Paintings Conservation. Maestro Paolo Violini is supervising 9 young restorers who have completed the second phase of the project: The Chapel of San Lorenzo, the area of the Sanctuary in which Holy Mass is celebrated. The results are extraordinary and we will be celebrating all this in a special inaugural presentation on June 11, 2015. Prof. Arnold Nesselrath will outline the year’s work in an illustrated power point presentation not to be missed. Our own Father Mark will also be speaking about the contribution of the various Patrons involved. Additional remarks will be from Father Ottaviano D’Egidio and Father Francesco Guerra of the Passionist Congregation at the Holy Stairs, who are responsible for this important Pontifical Sanctuary.

For those who won’t be able to come to Rome for the opening, here is a link to a short film by Catholic News Service produced for Easter 2015, which gives a good sense of what is being undertaken.

Mary Angela Schroth

Paul Brill, Paesaggio con artisti (part.),Roma. Scala Santa, cappella di San Lorenzo, 1588-1590.jpg

The photo here is part of a fresco by the Flemish landscape artist Paul Bril, whose possible self-portrait is portrayed in the lunette above the entrance to the Sancta Sanctorum (Holiest of Holies) at the Holy Stairs.