Clair de Lune

The Italian and International Chapter

The painting Clair de Lune, completed in 1909, is the most recognized image of the Notturno painting series made by Previati. The series features three other panels depicting Wind, Dance, and Harmony.

Inspired by Beethoven’s Sonate au Clair de Lune, the four panels were conceived for the Milanese villa of Alberto Grubicy, a patron of the artist. The paintings were to be placed in the music room setup for Grubicy’s daughter, who studied piano. In 1920 the cycle, including another version of the Nocturne, was donated by Grubicy to his friend D’Annunzio, who then placed the work in the Vittoriale degli Italiani at the Gardone Riviera.

This same version of the work, acquired after the death of Grubicy by the Associazione Lombarda Mutilati di Guerra, was sold at auction and merged into the collection of the entrepreneur Aldo Rondo, where it remained until 1996 when it entered the collection of the Vatican Museums.