Conference “Roma 1968-2018: arte sacra e spazi di culto”

15 November | 16 November 2018
Vatican Museums | MAXXI

The architectural and artistic testimonies of the churches of Rome in the last fifty years, from the crucial 1968 to today, constitute the thematic cornerstone of the two days of the coference “Roma 1968-2018: arte sacra e spazi di culto” (Rome 1968-2018: religious art and places of worship), to take place on 15 November in the Vatican Museums and on 16 November at MAXXI in Rome.

The meeting, curated by Teresa Calvano and Micol Forti, is promoted by the Vatican Museums in collaboration with ANISA (National Association of Art History Teachers) and MAXXI (National Museum of 21st Century Arts), and will enable scholars of the history of architecture, art and the Church to explore issues relating to architecture and religious art, starting from the relationship between liturgy and the arts as considered by the Vatican Council II (1962-1965) – the first important opening of the Church to contemporary art – and its subsequent developments and applications.

N.B. Attendance by invitation