Chapter Events: Upcoming Michigan Events

The Michigan Chapter has a couple of upcoming events planned. Pencil the events in your calendar! If you would like to requset further information, please contact the President of the Chapter, John Hale.

December 2, 2013

The Most Reverend Allen H. Vigneron will celebrate Holy Mass with the Michigan Patrons followed by a reception at the Historic Gem Theater in Detroit.  The Patrons will then enjoy a strolling dinner at the Colony Club with tours of the history and restoration of both venues.

October 2, 2014

The Patrons will enjoy a cultural cooking demonstration by Fr. Leo Patalinghug.  Fr. Patalinghug has a ministry called “Grace Before Meals.”  He has been on the Food Network show “Throw Down” where he went head-to-head with Bobby Flay beating the famous chef!!

Another great review

As Fr. Mark makes his way across North America, his time has been filled with book signings, talks, Patrons events and board meetings. Amidst all of this activity, media outlets have begun to pick up the story and Fr. Mark has created quite a stir. It goes to show that beauty is transcendent–in both art and truth.

Denver Catholic Register

STL Beacon

Chapter Events: California 2014 Calendar

The California Chapter has several events planned for 2014. Pencil the events in your calendar! If you would like to requset further information, please contact the President of the Chapter, Michael Feeley.

  • January: docent led tour of the Getty Museum exhibition “Canterbury & St. Albans: Treasures from Church and Cloister” followed by a reception
  • March: tour of the historic Judson Stain Glass Studios in Pasadena, followed by a reception
  • September: tour of the Mission San Juan Capistrano, followed by a reception
  • November: lecture at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art on the Papal Photography Collection, followed by a reception
  • in coordination with Fr. Mark’s visits to Southern California, the Chapter will have two receptions in San Diego focused on a new initiative of the Museums on photographic exhibitions

Visit us here for updates and information on these upcoming California Chapter events!

Fr. Mark in North America for his Book Tour

Fr. Mark will be in the U.S. and Canada for book signings, Masses, talks and Patron chapter events, to commemorate his new book, Meditations on Vatican Art. See below for events in your local area!


Name Location State Date Time Contact Info Event
Clare Faulkner Philadelphia PA November 8th 7:00 AM Magnificat
Jim Coffey Philadelphia PA November 9th 9:00 AM Book signing and booth at Philly Convention Center, Magnificat
Candy Nesbit Cheshire CT November 9th 6:00 PM Fr. Mark is keyote speaker at Cheshire Seminary Gala Dinner. Will Sign Books
Fr. Ron May Southington CT November 10th 8:30 AM Mass and Book Signing at St. Dominic at 8:30 AM and at 10 AM
Mark Hotze Houston TX November 11th 3:30 PM Book signing at Veritas from 3:30 to 4:30 PM
Margo Gettie Houston TX November 11th 6:00 PM Patrons Book Signing Event, guests welcome, RSVP appreciated
Scott Turrichi / Michael Feeley L.A. CA November 12th 6:00 PM Patrons Book Signing Event, guests welcome, RSVP appreciated
Mumsey Nemiroff Beverly Hills, LA CA November 13th 6:30 PM 630p cocktail/7 buffet/8 speak at Beverly Hills Womens Club
Tim Busch Orange County CA November 14th 11:50 AM Mass, Lunch, Book Signing, guests welcome, RSVP appreciated
Scott Turicchi/ Monica Nelson Canyons CA Novemeber 14th 6:00 PM Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club
St. Thomas Moore Parish, Mila Glodava Denver CO November 16th   4:00 PM Sat evening masses followed by book signings at Thomas Moore 4:00 and 5:30
Jay Neppel, Bill Hanzlik Denver CO November 16th Evening Dinner at Restaurant, rsvp required
Fr. Andrew Kimball Denver CO November 17th   7:00 AM Masses and Book Signings after 7, 8:30, 10:30 and possibly 12:30 Masses
Rick Altig Seattle WA November 18th 5:30 PM New Patrons Cocktail Mixer
Debra Mauro Calgary CA November 19th Galleria late afternoon/early evening signing
Anne Shea Chicago IL November 20th    5:30 PM PAVM Art Institute of Chicago, Black Tie Evening
Mary Brockgreitens St. Louis MO November 22nd 3:00 PM Presentation at Aquinas Institute of Theology
Cleveland Clinic Cleveland OH November 25th  12:30 PM Presentation followed by 20 minute Q&A session, RSVP necessary
Suzanne Rea Bloomfield Hills MI November 25th    7:00 PM St. Hugo’s prayer group, guests welcome, RSVP necessary
John Hale Detroit MI November 26th
Denise Jasko Cleveland OH November 30th    6:30 PM OH Chapter’s winter Gala, RSVP necessary
Fr. Matthew Van Smoorenburg Atlanta GA December 1st Mass and Book Signing at St. Brendan’s at 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM (spanish), 5:00 PM
Jay Mitchell Atlanta GA December 2nd    5:30 PM Patrons Event at Rectory Christ the King, RSVP appreciated
Mary Brockgreitens New York NY December 3-5th
Annual Nunciature Dinner Washington DC Wash DC December 7th    6:30 PM Annual PAVM Dinner with Nunzio
National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception Washington DC Wash DC December 8th Signing books following Masses

Restoration Updates: The Lebete

lebeteThis morning, our office met with Museum Director Antonio Paolucci, Professor Nasselrath, Curator Dr. Maurizio Saniballe, and Head Restorer Flavia Callori di Vignale in the Metal and Ceramics Restoration Lab.  After catching up on usual business matters, the meeting turned its focus towards the Lab’s recent completion of the restoration of the Lebete with Tripod.  The stellar success of the project, particularly its cleaning, is extremely apparent: its surface, which appeared dark brown and grimy, has recovered the rich tonalities of its green patina.  This dramatic transformation is due to the restorers’ careful removal of the various organic residues that were encrusting its surface.  This rare Etruscan bronze, one of the many items of the Museum’s collection of works from the Regolini Galassi Tomb, was restored thanks to the generosity of Anne Marie and Chris Scibelli of the California Chapter.


Masterpieces Unveiled for the Blind

Since 2011, the Vatican Museums has partnered with the Francesco Cavazza Institute for the Blind of Bologna in developing multisensory tours for its blind and visually impaired visitors.  After creating a wonderful three-dimensional copy of theTransfiguration this past August, they have fashioned a bas-relief translation of the Fayoum portrait of a young man (inv. 56605) from the Zeri collection.

The Fayoum portrait reproduction, an ad hoc creation by experts of the Cavazza Institute, further enriches the Vatican Museum’s path for blind visitors as the first implementation of its kind within the Gregorian Egyptian Museum.  Now, this section of the museum joins the Gregorian Profane Museum, the Ethnological Museum, and the Painting Gallery as an area of the Vatican Museums that has successfully adopted this tactile approach.

This addition was made possible thanks to the generous initiative of the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums, who promoted the project at a fundraiser benefitting museum education for the blind on June 22nd, 2012.  At the Italian/International Chapter event, Father Mark Haydu expressed his deepest gratitude for the launch of this shared, fruitful, and mutually reinforcing effort, extending prayers to the all the magnificent collaborators involved in the project.


Masculine El Fayoum Portrait

Encaustic on wood

Provenance unknown

220-250 A.D.

Donated by Federico Zeri (Stroganoff Collection)

In this portrait, the man is represented in his youth with a rosy complexion, large eyes with thick eyebrows, a straight nose, and a moustache.  His hair is short and dark, with locks combed forward and long sideburns—a style characteristic of the dynasty of the Severi. In accordance with the Roman fashion of his time, the figure is wrapped in a creamy-white tunic fastened by red clavi.

This wood panel portrait is a funerary mask, belonging to a distinct type known as “Fayoum portraits:” the classification is named after their frequent provenance of El Fayoum, a large lowland area south east of Cairo, though, in reality, this mask type spread further and has been found across Egypt.  Product of combining Egyptian funerary traditions with Roman portraiture and the great Alexandrian painting tradition, the “Fayoum portrait” style spread during the first four centuries A.D.

It has been possible to date these portraits very precisely, thanks to the artists’ accuracy in representing the current hairstyles, clothing, and jewelry of each subject depicted. These people were tied to Rome—elected officials of the province—which explains the direct link of the portraits with Roman fashion.

These funerary portraits were placed on the face of the mummy and framed with linen bandages.   Continuing the tradition of the oldest funerary mask, their application intended to preserve the integrity of the deceased for eternity.


The so-called “Fayoum Portraits” were painted in encaustic, a painting technique that consists of applying, either in coats or directly mixed together “a tempera,” pigments diluted in hot wax.


Federico Zeri (d. October 5th,1998) was one of the most authoritative and influential academics and historians of Italian art.  As freelance professor, he taught at the university level in Europe and in the United States (at Harvard and ColumbiaUniversity), also working as an art consultant for various museums and private collectors.  He was Vice President of the National Council of Cultural Heritage and a member of the Academie des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He lived in Mentone, north of Rome, in a villa-museum surrounded by eleven acres of parkland, with a library that held over one hundred thousand volumes and housed a rich photographic archive.  The villa has been inherited by the University of Bologna.

Zeri willed his legacy diversely—to the FrenchAcademy in Rome, to the FrenchAcademy in Paris, to the CarraraAcademy in Bergamo, Germany—but all with same obligation of exhibiting the donor’s name.

In the testament of his will, he also made an important donation to the Vatican Museums: ten Palmyran (Syrian) portraits and this Fayoum mummy portrait.  These finds, acquired in 1999, represent the last important donation to the VaticanMuseum’s Egyptian Collection. All of these objects have been on display in the GregorianEgyptianMuseum since their installation on June 15th, 2000.



Patron Chapters welcome Fr. Mark

As Fr. Mark makes his way across the country for his book tour, Patron Chapters all along the way have held board meetings, events and welcomed him into their cities. Send us your photos and take a look at the galleries to see the local events!

St. Louis 2013

Chicago 2013

Michigan 2013

Ohio 2013

Calgary 2013

Houston 2013

Philadelphia 2013

Denver 2013

Los Angeles 2013

NY Projects is featured in Italian magazine, ARCHEO

The October 2013 issue of ARCHEO, the famous Italian archaeological magazine, features a 12 page spread about a Patrons restoration of several carts and objects from the Vatican Etruscan Museum’s Regolini-Galassi tomb. This restoration project, sponsored by our generous New York Chapter Patrons, took eleven years—of study, analysis, and treatment—to complete. Considered one of the most important projects of the Vatican’s Etruscan Collection, its restoration allowed for the identification and reconstruction of an entirely new type (called “cart b”) of Etruscan funerary cart.  Due to this incredible discovery and the exciting scholarship produced from this endeavor, the Vatican Museums hosted an entire study day about the restoration of the Regolini-Galassi tomb on June 18th, 2013 ( We are excited about this media coverage, as our Patrons’ sponsorship has facilitated not only the specific restoration of the Regolini-Galasi tomb objects but also has worked toward an award-winning, multinational initiative towards virtual modelling, education, and scholarship called “Etruscanning.” Check out this blog: to learn more about Etruscanning, and further explore the magazine ARCHEO online at Additionally, read about this recently completed Patrons’ project in Wishbook 2014 pages 12-15.


#1 on

With his book tour well underway, it is no surprise to see that Fr. Mark Haydu’s Meditations on Vatican Art has already achieved great success!  In fact, his book has literally topped the charts: currently, Meditations on Vatican Art holds the #1 spot of online retail giant Amazon’s “Hot New Releases in Religious Arts & Photography.” This news, brought to our attention by its publisher Liguori Press, led us to explore Meditations’ Amazon page, which includes a “Look Inside” feature that allows visitors to preview pages of the book online.  See for yourself and order your copy at As for readers already immersed in your copy, we also encourage you to visit the page: the book still awaits its first Amazon review! Share your positive reflections on Meditations on Vatican Art today!

For more information on Meditations on Vatican Art, visit its official website


Bernini’s Fingerprints

Did you know that Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s fingerprints have been preserved for centuries on this stunning sculpture? Yet more exciting— our patrons have access to visit this masterpiece, see the restoration first hand and speak with the curators têteàtête, thanks to the generosity of our New York Patrons, who are funding its restoration. Follow the link for a fascinating read on the history of the artwork and what the restorer and Fr. Mark Haydu have to say!