Inside the Museums: Photographic Exhibition in Progress

When you enter a museum it is only natural to have your attention completely drawn to the works of art of the collection, but have you ever actually thought about the experience of visiting a museum and the institution as art in themselves? This is exactly the subject that has inspired a photography project that is underway in the Vatican Museums. In this project nine photographers from all different nationalities and backgrounds will tackle one theme of the Vatican Museum experience. Our New York and California Chapters, particularly through the Carlson Donation and the Farrell family, have wanted to see this dream become a reality! Thank you for your Patronage!

The project has been coming along nicely and five of the photographers have already completed their works. French artist, Alain Fleicher, has produced a collection of works that have created a new reading of the ‘paths’ of museums. Martin Parr, who is from England wanted to focus on the relationship between the art and the visitor, concentrating on the gestures and behaviors of the latter. The last three artists who have completed their work are Italian and focus on themes of the Museum itself. Mimmo Jodice, in his contribution, focuses on the themes of human emotions, but instead of looking at the visitors, he has chosen to highlight feelings through the faces of classical sculptures. Antonio Biasiucci, has perhaps the most particular contribution to the exhibition because he focuses on the works of art in storage, highlighting the passage of time and memory. Finally, Massimo Siragusa has captured the internal architecture of the Vatican Museums’ halls, with amazing results.

Through these five artists’ work and the work that has yet to be done, this exhibition will form the beginning of the Vatican Museum’s photography collection and hopes to generate a further appreciation for the Museum experience and for the institution itself. The work will be formed into exhibition that will begin in the Vatican and then hopes to continue on in other major museums in Europe and the US. If you are interested in this exhibition and would like to contribute to its success by donating, please contact us.


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