Extraordinary opening of the Scala Santa

The original marble steps now accessible

11 April 2019
Pontifical Shrine of the Scala Santa, Rome

On Thursday 11 April, the Scala Santa of the Pontifical Shrine in Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano (Rome), closed for restoration work since last summer, will be reopened to the public on an extraordinary basis.
The staircase – which according to the christian tradition is the same one that Jesus ascended in Pontius Pilate’s palace in Jerusalem on the day He was condemned to death, and which Saint Helen had transported to Rome in the year 326 – will be accessible to faithful and visitors in its original state, until 9 June, Solemnity of Pentecost.

For the first time in around 300 years, the 28 marble steps will appear without their wooden coverings, added in 1723 at the behest of Pope Innocent XIII to protect them from wear due to the intense flow of pilgrims who devotedly climbed them on their knees for centuries.
For two months, it will therefore be possible to access the staircase without the walnut panels – currently under restoration thanks to the bequest of Ms. Lucia Caprara – and to view places of a particularly evocative nature and of sacred importance where it is believed that Christ left traces of His blood. Three medieval crosses, set into the marble to commemorate that event, will now become visible again: the first in porphyry at the beginning of the staircase, another in bronze at the end, and the third on the eleventh stair, where according to tradition Jesus fell, breaking the marble with His knee.

Under the technical and scientific direction of the Vatican Museums, with the contribution of the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums, the restorers have brought to light the ancient marble, gathering from under the wooden cover a multitude of written notes, ex voto, coins and photographs left by the faithful, and now conserved by the Passionist Fathers who since 1853 have safeguarded the Shrine, at the behest of Pope Pius IX.

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Night Openings 2019Night Openings 2019

26 April – 25 October 2019
Vatican Museums

On Friday26April the 2019 edition of the special night openings of the Vatican Museums will begin, offering until 25October a unique experience in terms of atmosphere, artistic beauty and musical offerings, for visitors both Roman and otherwise.
From 7.00 p.m., for over six months for a total of 27 Fridays, the Pope’s Museums “double” their cultural offering with a new evening programme, greatly appreciated by the public, especially in the spring and summer season.

As in previous years, and again included in the price of the entry ticket, which may be booked online exclusively, an extensive concert programme will enrich the already special night opening, animating the splendid museum architecture with sound, song and dance.
So, not only art and history, but also a show, and why not enjoy the Happy Hour in the evocative Courtyard of the Pinecone for a refreshing break?

The promotional initiative “Friday of Beauty” is confirmed for 2019, and offers special offers and reductions to all those who, during the period of the Night Openings, wish to combine the evocative evening visit to the Pope’s Museums with an afternoon viewing of the show Giudizio Universale. Michelangelo and the Secrets of the Sistine Chapel.


Spend a Sunday at the Villas of Castel Gandolfo!

April – October 2019

From April to October, with the exception of the months of July and August, the Pontifical Villas of Castel Gandolfo will welcome visitors also on a Sunday. With the arrival of the warmer season, the special Sunday opening (from 10.00 a.m. to 15.00 p.m. with last entry at 14.00 p.m.) offers a unique opportunity to organize an out of town trip with all the family, and to be immersed in artistic treasures, beautiful landscapes and the food and wine of the Castelli Romani.

The collaboration agreement with Atac has been renewed again this year, providing – solely and exclusively on the occasion of special Sunday openings and subject to availability – the following discounts (which may also be extended to a companion) for all valid Metrebus and èRoma Card holders:

  • Tour of the Apostolic Palace of Castel Gandolfo: € 7
  • Tour by eco – vehicle of the Barberini Garden of the Pontifical Villas: € 16
  • Stroll in the Villa Barberini Gardens of Castel Gandolfo: € 8

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