Restoration of a Sarcophagus with Twelve Apostles,...

Thanks to the generous support of Liana Marabini, the Chapter Leader of the Monaco Chapter, the restoration of the marble Sarcophagus with the Twelve Apostles, executed and supervised […]

Restoration of an important Sarcophagus depicting...

Its story This monumental sarcophagus with the Dionysian Procession (lenòs type, shaped like a bathtub), dates back to 230 AD and was completed for a man and wife. […]

Fighting with the Beasts in the Colosseum

Ritualized, public violence had been a favorite entertainment of the Romans for centuries. The Damnatio ad bestia, “condemnation to beasts”, was a form of Roman death penalty mainly applied to […]

Precious Ceramic Plaque by Bernard Palissy

This valuable polychrome enameled ceramic plate, restored thanks to the generosity of Mses. Veronika & Franziska Nicholson, members of the Texas Chapter,  is attributed to the French chemist and […]

The Palatine Flag

The Palatine Flag was the representative flag of the Palatine Honor Guard, featuring bright white on the right side and yellow on the left. At center, in sharp contrast, […]

Coriolanus, King of the Volsci

This wonderful tapestry, restored thanks to the generosity of our Canada Chapter, is part of a series illustrating the stories of Coriolanus which is known as the cycle […]

Unveiling of the Room of the Addresses

The Room of Addresses is so named because, in the 19th century, it had been the place of receiving addresses to the Holy See from all over the […]

Chapel of San Lorenzo in the Holy Stairs Opens...

As our Patrons know, the restoration of the Sanctuary of the Holy Stairs is one of our major projects. After a major preliminary study and completion of the […]

A Glimpse into the Museums’ Past Made...

The generosity of the International Chapter has made possible the restoration of four magnificent plaster casts by the multitalented artist Pietro Melandri. Most famous for his work with […]

A 4th Century Sarcophagus Commemorating Lost Loved...

Love can mean many things, but the Greek term “agape” is meant to convey love that is total and self giving. It is more than simple physical passion […]