Sacred Buddhist Scroll



Inventory Number: 110022

The thang-ka is a large portable canvas and depicts the sacred in Tibet Buddhism. It was stored in the monestaries, rolled, and was only brought out for particular ceremonies. The work that needs restoration is part of a large and important series of tibetan thang-ka in the ethnological museum of the Vatican Museums.

The painting was created with tempera on canvas. One very thin preparatory layer was inserted into a mount with blue silk and patterned dragon medallions. The central figure represents Tara Verde encircled by 1000 Buddha. Tara is a symbol of wisdom and incarnation of mercy and exists in many kinds of manifestations. Tara is a diety that is extremely venerated in the environment of the pantheon buddhusta as the one who puts an end to suffering. Tara Verde, Utpala, is usually represented with a rosary or a book while guiding the faithful across the ocean of existence. Three silk veils, affixed on the length side of the upper edge of the blue satin, were used when it was necessary to cover the painted window. The work of art is lined with a red-brown cotton cloth, decorated with various sized pieces sewn on. There are two long supports on the top and bottom of the object used to suspend it.