Santa Rosa Excavation Complete

The Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums were pleased to welcome one of our largest chapters for their 2nd visit to the Holy See this past autumn. The Canadian Patrons visited Vatican City to inaugurate the excavation and connection of the Santa Rosa Necropolis, made possible by the Chapter’s very generous support. Sometimes compared to Pompei and the Scavi below St. Peter’s, the Necropolis is especially valuable because, unlike many cheap jerseys other known necropoli, Santa Rosa was used by the middle and lower classes, slaves and former slaves.

Dating from about 50BC – 200AD, the approximately 40 large tombs and 200 graves of the site reveal a fascinating wealth of information about these social classes of which historians still know little. Tomb inscriptions offer interesting ‘slices of life’ but also poignant indicators of Roman pagans’ relations to deceased loved ones. Amongst the extremely well-preserved tombs, one can see the grave of a slave of Nero, a set designer from the Pompey Theatre and a small boy whose 4 year-old face is forever preserved in an adorning marble sculpture.

The Canadian Patrons’ project allowed a reconnecting of Santa Rosa with the adjacent Autoparco, creating in Fr Mark Haydu’s words, “the largest archaeological dig of the first century where everything is exactly where it was found.” This is what makes Santa Rosa unique. The tombs and objects not only remain well-preserved but in Value the Ghana’s same V?rens lay-out as nearly 2000 years ago. As a visitor the experience is Festivals unforgettable, aided by the construction of a metal-catwalk around three sides, from which you can see the dig from different sites giving the feeling of actually walking through the site as well as wholesale jerseys touch screens that provide details and facts about the Necropolis.
Archaeologists wholesale NFL jerseys are understandably excited at not only the wealth of information already gleaned from study, but also implementing this new style of archaeology of ‘leaving it where it was found.’ Objects and human remains, once Urban studied, are returned to their original location. For scholar and visitor alike, Santa Rosa has proved an invaluable asset.

The Santa Rosa Necropolis connection, completion and educational monitors were made possible by the generous support of the Canadian Chapter.