Twelve-month Patrons’Office Fellowship

As the Patrons of the Arts continues to grow and expand, so do the number of projects, events, and patron visits. In order to keep up with this increased activity, our Vatican office has created Fellowship positions for twelve months, renewable for a maximum of three years upon decision of the Director of the Patrons Office and the Direction of the Vatican Museums. 

The opportunity to provide one or more of these Fellowships rests on the generosity of our Patron community. Since its commencement in 2010, these special positions have become a crucial part of our Vatican office operations. In contrast to the short periods of volunteer work provided by our interns, the longevity and commitment required by one or more Fellowships affords the office an essential level of continuity and, in turn, a more comprehensive work experience for the Fellows. 

The Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums offers this opportunity to recent graduates and beginning professionals in several areas. Our Fellowship program provides the opportunity to learn about the operations of a non-profit art organization and to work in collaboration with competent museum professionals. 

The Fellows greatly help the Patrons of the Arts in handling its duties, function as reliable members of the team by taking on mid to long-term responsibilities, and assist with a variety of events, patron visits, and daily interactions. Fellows should also enthusiastically promote the mission of the Catholic Church through this non-profit organization. 

Sponsorship from our Patrons ensures that the high standards of service to our Patrons will be met. Fellowships are hired by the International Director of the Patrons of the Arts, and can be named after the sponsoring Chapter. The cost to support a single Fellowship includes the stipend for the fellow as well as administrative costs and insurance fees.